Rainy day and NO diapers!!

Today started out kind of  lousy, my teething 7 1/2 month old was up most of the night because of her soar gums, so needless to say I was tired. Thankfully my Husband didn’t have to work this morning so when he woke up, he kept an eye on her, so i could catch a few z’s. When I finally awoke I had a splitting headache.

Later after Bella woke up from her mid-morning nap, as usual i changed her diaper. Suddenly I realized, I just used the last diaper! Are you kidding me! What else could go wrong today.

So getting ready to take the baby and go to wal-mart, I open the door and low and behold, its pouring…GREAT! Sleep deprived, splitting headache, and raining. EEK, oh how this day needs to end.

Thankfully my headache subsided and the rest of my day was good. Bella just loves to sit in the front of the cart and go shopping with her momma. And the rain, she didn’t mind, she just loved helping mommy hold the umbrella.


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