Getting into shape….

Life is full of surprises sometimes….here I am, sitting at my computer at 12:30 am, trying to figure out some things. The mind is such a crazy thing. You can take one thought and if you really over analyze it…KABOOM. Your mind goes on psycho mode. Just that one thought can turn and fester for hours, days, weeks, months, you get my drift.

So here I am asking myself why? Why so I care so much of what other people think? Why do we try to win over some ones affection? When they never really cared in the first place? Why do we care sooo much about silly things? Why do we obsess over things we cannot control? Why do we hurt, or hold on to things?

An unfortunate thing happened to me, were I said somethings I did not want to say, and did some things I did not mean to do, which turned a chapter in my life UP SIDE DOWN. But through all this frustration and confusion, I was not only able to learn a valuable lesson, but also to sit back and thank God. It continues to amaze me how God is always showing up at the funniest times. He allows things to happen to help us grow in character. That song “How Great is Our God” just keeps rolling over and over in my mind, so true and comforting. The only person we need to fulfill us in every way shape or form is HIM. Not our spouse, our kids, our friends, money, etc. Just the only One who will never let you down. Sad thing about all this, is that it took getting a slight reality check to realize my focus was way off in life.

Hope this post has helped someone,

God Bless


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