Tell you what one of the most dreaded things in society is WAITING! Waiting for that phone call, e-mail. Perhaps something bigger like a birthday or interview, for those last 5 lbs to come off , maybe a loan, or your PAY CHECK! If it were my call, I’d take the word “wait” out of my vocabulary.

So you may be thinking what is the point of this post? Isn’t it obvious, I am waiting…lol.  I guess I just wanted to talk to someone about it so I figured, why not post my thoughts and make a game out of it.

Here is my challenge to you ….

Starting today, you must post a comment to this, telling me one of the most interesting, intriguing, dreaded, exciting, etc. things you have ever waited for. After you have posted this, you must go to my facebook page click the “like” box, and post on my wall telling me you have done so! The prize is a $20 gift card to TARGET!!!

The winner which will be selected randomly, will be announced March 15th in which I will ask to contact me with their name and address.

Please keep in mind that each person can only participate once, offer ends mid-night March 14th!  Have fun and good luck to you all!!


One thought on “Closed…Giveaway!!!

  1. OK, last year for my 30th birthday my best friend gave me tickets to see WICKED. I was SO EXCITED, but I had to wait three weeks to actually go see the musical (after waiting how many years). A day in NYC, Wicked, and Times Square…good times.

    I don’t like if that’s SO exciting, but it was an amazing day!

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