So much to do so little time

Were do I begin, this upcoming week is going to be incredibly busy. Tomorrow I have to call the doctors office to schedule an appointment for my sick husband and a check up for Bella. Tuesday we are have company over for dinner, always a plus!! I have to make a TON of Bella headbands to sell and bring them to  mom’s group/bible study that I attend on thursday mornings. Thursday my husband and I have dentist appointments, and last but not least saturday we have a wedding to go to. All this has to be accomplished while I find time to go to the gym everyday and go to the tanning bed so I don’t look like so white in the dress I am wearing to the wedding. Let me just add that this dress is amazing, almost as nice as my wedding dress. Lol I never thought I’d see the day when I got super excited to wear a formal dress other then my wedding dress.

Anyway that is what my week will be like, I will post pics later of the Bella headbands. Oh by the way, I know I haven’t been doing videos like I was before, but I promise I will have more up soon. Let me now what kinds of arts and crafts you would like to see.

Hope you all have a great week

**Christina G**

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