New project

Hello again, so I am going to embark on a new project, something I’m not quit used to. I am going to try to make Bella a dress, and a pant and shirt matching set. I’m  incredibly excited, nervous, and praying they come out right. Thankfully my mother-in-law knows how to do this kinda stuff, so she will be my coach during this process. Hopefully they come out well enough so that I can make a few more and put them up in my shop. So wish me luck, here is a preview of what I’m dealing with!

Fabric I will be using…The yellow pok-a-dot is for the shirt, blue for pants/capris, and pink and tan for the dress.

Thes are cut little iron on decals that will go on the yellow shirt and/or blue pants.

Last but not least the pattern I will be using, soooo cute!!!


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