Attempting new things

Hello again, I hope your tuesday is going great! First off I want to apologize for not getting the other items photographed and up in the shop yet. Unable to catch her in time, my poor little princess got her first shiner the other day by falling and hitting her head on the coffee table. ☹ So my model for all the Bella Headbands, and Bella Bows, is on leave for now. Just a few more days and then they should be up!!

Getting that out of the way, I just wanted to share with you something new and exciting I have been experimenting with. It is called a Tsumami Kansashi flower hair clip. Also know as the japanese plum flower or, UME. It was a challenge at first, kinda still is a little bit, but I definitely plan on perfecting it.

Isn’t it just too cute!!

Anyway just wanted to keep you guys updated and all that good stuff. I’m gonna go get crackin on perfecting theses little babies, before the little munchkin wakes up!!


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