Projects and a Wedding!!

Finally I finished another pretty dress for Bella, and I think I finally have perfected it enough to start making them for my shop!! I am super excited about all this. Oh, and another thing coming soon to the shop, is young girls gathered skirts! Just gotta work the kinks out of those now, so just give me a few weeks.
Here are previews of the things I have been working on, I made my little sister two dresses and my older little sister a gathered skirt! Hope you guys like them and keep a look out in the shop for those uploads.

You may be wondering what the “Wedding” headline is meaning, well, I am headed to florida tomorrow to sing in my best friends wedding. It is sooo exciting, but I am shaking will nervousness! I’m going to be singing while she is walking down the isle, no pressure right! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that if I do not post anything new over the next week, you know why!

Until next time, thanks for reading

~Christina G.

Purple Paisley
dress…made this one for my youngest little sis too!

Dress # 2 for youngest sis

Last but not least…another purple paisley print, this time in a gathered skirt!

Note: the girls will be matching when they go to church on sunday, too cute!! 🙂


One thought on “Projects and a Wedding!!

  1. Chrissy, do not be nervous my sweet friend. U will sound amazing andsome of the pressure is off bc everyone will h looking at me 🙂 I love u and am so blessed to have ur beautiful voice apart of the wedding. Ps: ur dresses and skirts are adorable.

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