Finally home with good and bad news

Good News: I am finally back from my week of bliss in florida. Well sort of, aside from working my tail off for my friends wedding, which turned out great, I got to spend my last two days just relaxing with my family. 🙂 My flights to and from florida were great! Bella couldn’t have been more perfect, and I got to bring home my best friend Rachael to visit…BONUS!!

Bad News: My sewing machine is broken. 😦 It is going to cost more for me to just see whats wrong with it, as a pose to buying a brand new one. All I can say is, AHHHHH it stinks, now my dress making is going to have to be put on hold until I can get the new one. I am hoping it will only be a couple weeks.:/

So there is my good and bad news will keep you all updated on things, right now I am just praying my husband is gracious enough to buy my birthday present early!!

Have a blessed rest of your week

Christina G.


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