A long day a New Phone!

Yesterday was a very long day. I was on the phone with my cell phone service trying to get my phone upgraded. Only to find out that when my husband upgraded his phone, they some how put in on my phone number. Talk about frustrating, it took almost 3 hours of arguing and conversing with the customer service people, to finally get it reversed. Tell me something, why do cell phone people have to be so…difficult, for lack of a nicer word. I almost feel like I have to automatically call in and put a mean face on so they will help me! Ugh, I’m just glad that’s over. Now, I have a new phone, since my old was was well, out of date and breaking.

On to business, still waiting to get a sewing machine, although, I am getting more anxious every day to start sewing up dresses and skirts. I think God is teaching me patience. 🙂

Hope you have a blessed tuesday

**Christina G.**


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