New sewing Machine…FINALLY!!!

It’s here, I finally made a decision and got my sewing machine. I know I know, it isn’t any of the three I picked out. Honestly, I looked at the reviews on the three, and even though they were all at least 4 ☆’s, I just didn’t like what I was hearing when it came to the bad reviews. So I looked up a few other ones and chose this one:

It’s a Brother 50-Stitch Runway Project Limited Edition CE5500PRW

Here is a better picture of it. I found it ironic that the new singer’s that are made today, have worse ratings then the brother sewing machines. It was kind of disappointing actually. Oh, well, the previous Brother machine I had lasted 28 years, so I figured it’s probably a pretty good brand, as long as you check the reviews and ratings first!

So now it is back to the drawing board, I just have to figure out all my wonderful new stitches etc., then I will be sewing up like a mad women. 🙂

SO TTFN I will probably be blogging tomorrow telling you all the new discoveries I’v made!

**Christina G.**


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