COC? and Coming soon…

Hello again, now that I have the COC “Summer Sunshine” Messenger Bag  up in my shop, today, I was finally able to cut into more of my gorgeous fabrics!! As I was sewing, I got to thinking, did I ever even explain what my new line was called? Then I thought, nope I didn’t, So here is the explanation. As you well know, in my shop, I have the “Bella” brand, which consists of headbands, bows, etc. So when I decided to start making bags, I just couldn’t figure out a name for them. I mean, Christina’s Original Creations is the name of my shop and all, but that seems just too long. Then I thought, why not abbreviate it, which is how I came up with “COC”. So there it is, I know you all probably figured that out, but I still wanted to explain it. 🙂

Anyway here is a  sneak peek of what’c coming soon…

It’s name? Hmmm wouldn’t you like to know…;)


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