Oops forgot another bag

Good morning, happy day before independence day. Just a quick reminder, there are only a couple days left for the sale in my shop. Just make sure you enter JULY4SALE in the coupon code box during your checkout.

Moving on to another subject, I totally forgot to mention to you guys about another bag I was making, here is the link, COC “Pok-a-Dot” tote bag. It is just a simple over the shoulder tote perfect for on the go. It’s pretty big and super cute, I almost kept it for myself after I made it lol ūüôā

Now for an update, I’m done making the previous bag I told you about, ¬†COC? and Coming Soon, there’s the link to the blog with the photo. Anyway, now I am just in the process of making the matching change purse and cosmetic bags for it. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this collection, it’s just soo stunning. So yeah, that about some’s it up for today, hope you have a marvelous sunday.

‚̧Christina G.‚̧


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