Help with Fabric Labels

Hi again, I’m having a little trouble today and figured I’d ask you guys for help. I am trying to make fabric labels to sew onto my products and well, I’m sorta stumped. I’ve tried to print off my logo onto a piece of fabric, which came out beautifully. Bad thing is, the ends need to be hemmed and well, on a little piece of fabric, that’s not real easy. So then I tried taking a few different kinds of ribbon and printed on them, turned out ok, the letters didn’t print very clearly though. And all I had to do is burn the edges to keep them from fraying. Again, not a very professional looking label. So now I am at a loss, what do I do? I could order some custom labels, but that gets a little pricey, and my business is still taking off. So, it’s a little out of my price range at the moment. Not to mention, when you order labels, very rarely will you be able to purchase less then 200 labels at a time. All I can say now is HELP ME!! What can I do that will not cost me an arm and a leg? Let me know what you think, your advice would be very much appreciated at this time!

❤Christina G.❤


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