Funny story and another Finished Product!

Boy oh boy do I have a funny story for you guys today. Yesterday we spent the day at my husbands Aunt’s house to celebrate the 4th. Great day, I have to say, towards dusk we started lighting fire crackers. So, I decided to give a go at it ,and try to through them in the air to see if I could get them to blow-up before they hit the ground. Bad idea, I lit the crackers with my right  hand, threw them with my left and were did they land…on the patio, behind me. HTe exact place I was suppose to be avoiding! I have never seen anyone run so fast in my life!! Talk about embarrassing and absolutely hilarious. Needless to say my fire cracker lighting days ended very quickly. I did, however, earn the right to the funniest 4th of July moment in the family. I guess that’s something to be proud of. 🙂

Anyway, now getting back on track, I have another COC bag finished, and up in my shop! It’s name, COC “Efflorescence” Messenger Bag. Oh is it a beaut. so to speak, I actually think I like this bag better then the other two I’ve made. Well that’s it for today, hope you all had fun yesterday.

❤Christina G.❤


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