A Kiss and Taking a break

To start this oh so dreary post, this morning I woke up to my little princess saying: Mommy, mommy, eat, more (while signing it). Instead of getting cranky with her  for waking up at the crack of dawn, I smiled and picked my hungry little munchkin up. The best part of it all, is when I picked her up she said “biss”, which means kiss, made a puckering noise and gave me a big slobbery kiss. Lol it was just way to precious! 🙂

So here I am now, at 9:15am sipping on my coffee and trying to figure out what I’m going to do today. Yesterday was some what of a lazy day. Aside from cleaning and laundry, the only thing I sewed was a pin cushion. It turned out pretty good, but, needs some fine tuning. Hmmm, I may try and make a wrist pin cushion, how convenient would that be! Then maybe I will just cut out the fabric for a new COC bag. Or maybe just take a break. After all, mommies don’t get to take many breaks, do they?!  Hope you enjoy your day, it’s gorgeous and HOT here in Pa today.

❤Christina G.❤

Pin Cushion Attempt











2 thoughts on “A Kiss and Taking a break

  1. Chrissy, how much would a pink version of that pin cushion be. I would like to buy one for my sister-in-law, jennie 🙂 You are doing a great job at this post and business, but you are doing an even better job being a productive and loving mommy and wife! Love you and praying for you!

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