Woohoo it’s friday!!! I can’t even begin to express my excitement for fridays. To most people this means, payday, two days off, relaxing. Were as to me it means I get to spend time with my hubby, that’s if  he doesn’t have a job to do on saturday. Crossing my fingures and praying I get the next two days with him. 🙂

Changing the subject, I haven’t got around to make andy new COC bags yet. I did however make another pin cushion, no it’s to a wrist cushion, haven’t quiet figured out that one yet, but it’s still cute. After making it I showed it off to my mother-in-law, as well as the flower shaped cushion, and she liked them so much, she asked me to make her two throw pillows for her bed! How neat is that, it is going to be soo much fun. On top of making pillows, my good friend Cynthia asked me to make a flower cushion for her too. Funny, I never thought these pin cushion would hit it off so well. I was just fiddling around with some scrap fabric, and vuala a pin cushion.

So this concludes my post for today, along with a pic of my new item. Sorry this post was a bit of a drag, I promise next time I will have something a LOT more interesting to tell you.



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