Car Troubles and a Job Finished

Afternoon friends, what a day is was for me yesterday. I was on my way home and my car overheated!! Thankfully, I was literally, right around the corner from my house, so I was able to turn the car off and coast into the driveway. I tell you what though, I was freaking out! All I could think about was, “I gotta get Bella out a the car before it blows up”. Talk about major paranoia lol, I was over completely over reacting, but give me a break, my car was SMOKING and GARGLING! And now, the car is in the shop, still waiting for the pricey verdict. Ahhhh right when we are doing so well, something has to break and more savings get depleted. Oh well, what can you do, trying to stay grateful that we are ok. So there is my drama for the week, heck if I had it my way, the whole YEAR…sigh.

On to better news, I have finished my mother-on-law’s custom pillows finally! And of corse, they turned out beautifully, YES, I am very proud. Actually I might just make some throw pillows for my couch too.:)

Now that they are finished, it’s off the the next order. So excited to get to work on it, so I will have to say bye for now, got some major sewing to do!!

❤Christina G.❤


3 thoughts on “Car Troubles and a Job Finished

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