First COC Bag Sale!!!!

Wohooo! This, is how I am feeling right now, I just sold my first COC bag 🙂 It can be is so hard starting a business, so when I finally do sell something, I get overly excited. Can you blame me, I mean, I’ve had my shop up since January and, well, lets just say it’s been tough. I just keep hoping and praying someday it really blossoms. Any ways, I’ve been cooking up a new COC bag. No, I’m not telling what it is, your just gonna have to wait and see. I know, I know, I can be mean at times…lol. I promise your wait will be worth while though.

Unfortunately, my car is back in the shop. Turns out it wasn’t fixed 😦 and people wonder why I trust no mechanic except my father. Now if only I lived in the same state as him. 😦 Talk about major disappointment, my stress level has gone from a 2 to a 10 in just a day. Ahhhh how frustrating cars can be. If I lived in NY I could just take the bus everywhere, and not have to worry about driving. Anyway, my mom tells me no use stressing on things we can’t control, she’s right, like always, so maybe I should listen to her this time huh. 🙂 I love my mom, she’s got such awesome advise, and always knows how to turn my frowns upside down, so to speak.

Wrapping this post up, I want to apologize that it was more on the lame side. Being stuck inside with no car for a few days can get a little boring. I’m just praying it is finally going to be fixed this time. So yeah, I will talk to you all tomorrow, hope your day was better then mine.

Christina G.


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