A Bathtub and Pillows…

Hello friends, 🙂 I’m so excited, I have a bathtub now!! We have been remodeling our bathroom and even though it’s not finished just yet, they were able to finish installing the bathtub yesterday! I was so psyched, I got to take a birthday bath woop woop! I kow I can be kinda crazy at times, but hey I haven’t taken a bath in almost a year, so I think I have an excuse!

Anyway, moving on, I mentioned a few days ago I would upload a picture of the custom pillows I made for my mother-in-law. My apologies for it taking so long. With the remodeling and the craft show coming up, I have been crazy busy. SO here they are:

Aren’t they gorgeous! I absolutely love them 🙂 So yeah, this concludes my blog for today, I shall blog to you tomorrow hopefully!

Have a wonderful sunday


3 thoughts on “A Bathtub and Pillows…

  1. Hey Christina! I love those pillows! they look awesome, I want something custom!! I hope everything is well. Your daughter is beautiful by the way.


    p.s. did you mean to write hell friends,?

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