COC bags…finally

Hello strangers, How was your weekend? Mine was hectic, we are remodeling our bathroom, as you well know already, and well, dealing with all the dust, trying to sew, and keeping a eye on Bella. Let’s just say it’s pretty hard to juggle all of those things at once. Especially since her grandfather, aka Baba, is here everyday working. lol, Bella is addicted to her Baba, when she knows he is in the room, that’s it, she wants no one but him. Whew, it’s soo exhausting! thankfully I think there are only a few more days left of remodel, then things can go back to normal!

Anyway, with all this racket and distractions, I still managed to sew a couple COC bags and upload them in my shop.

This one is called COC “Pink Blossom” Tote Bag

This is a smaller version I’ve made, as you can see, it’s definitely NOT perfect, so it won’t be in my shop. I think the next small one I make will be tho, just dear with me. Unfortunately it’s taking me much longer to get these bags done. I’m hoping my pace will quicken once my house is back to normal!

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