It’s Been a While

Hey guys, sorry it’s been a while since my last blog update. I’ve been sick and super busy. Still aren’t done with the remodel, I’m hoping it will be soon. So on top of the usual, trying to keep Bella out of the way and sew, I got a little cold too. Thankfully it has come and gone, but the few days I had it, well you know how tired you are when your sick. So unfortunately, I have only made one bag since last weeks blog. EEEK, I’m incredibly behind schedule, I’m hoping to get one done today while Bella naps.

Well, here she is, COC “Aqua Flower” Tote bag. Oh I added a new feature, a button and loop closure. Great idea no? Should have thought of that before!

Please excuse the  junk in the background, part of the remodel.

Well, this concludes for today, I will hopefully, blog again soon.

❤Christina G.❤


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