Aah EE Ooh

You may be wondering what my blog title is meaning. Well, let me help you understand ;). My father-in-law is 100% persian and is fluent is the language farsi. Naturally, he will only speak to Bella in farsi so she also learns the language. He puts on the farsi abc’s, so to speak, on TV, and she sings with them. That’s what “Aah Ee Ooh” means, it’s actually the sounds to one of the letters. It’s soo adorable, the other day I told her to close the door and she pointed to the door, said “DAARRR”. I was confused was she saying door or not? So I asked my father-in-law how to say door in farsi and he said, well, I can’t pronounce what he said, but I concluded Bella was actually saying door in farsi, not english. How neat is that, she listens in english and speaks in farsi. lol…needless to say, I now ask hassan, my father-in-law, aka Baba, to translate a LOT of Bella’s words for me.

I just can’t get over how fast she’s growing up. I can see one of these days Bella coming up to me and speaking in farsi, me saying what, and her telling me, “Mommy, Babaaa know what I said”. Hmmm, guess it’s time for me to take a few lessons in farsi.

I’ll talk to you all later, I promise next blog will be a little more on point.


Bella sitting on her princess chair while eating a frozen waffle, one of her favorite teething toys!


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