Good Morning, so I have a few questions and thoughts I figured I share with you all. I’m a little confused on what to do with my shop at the moment. As you know I have a number of different items I sell, and well, it’s not very organized. I sell things such as headbands, handbags, dresses, pin cushions, and I also paint. I was thinking of opening a separate etsy shop to help organize a little. Like, I’d sell all sewing items in one shop, and paintings and such in the other. Anyways, I’m at a loss right now! Let me know what you think, your opinions would be greatly appreciated during this time! Thanks

❤Christina G.❤


2 thoughts on “Hmmmmm…..

  1. I think that it would be a good idea to give the two some more separation that way u can use different marketing techniques with each one.

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