Hello dear friends, yesterday was an overwhelming, yet exciting day. My grandma called me out of the blue and asked me to come pick her up in michigan!! WOohoo…I’m so excited, not to mention we get to visit with all my family up there for a few days too. I haven’t seen them all in over a year, and my sister, well, lets just say I have been wanting to visit for a while now. SO aside from making preparations for the trip, I figured, why not get together some christmas presents and bring them up. Since I won’t be able to see them for Christmas. Lol it will be Christmas in September, on labor day weekend lol:). SO I have some more sewing to do. NO I will not be telling you what it is I’m making at this point, for fear they may be reading this blog. Sorry guys!!! I will post lots of pics after they open them tho, promise! So that concludes my update for today, gonna go organize my house now.


This is a photo of me and my Grandma at my wedding reception. Sorry honestly, this is the only photo I really have of her. That’s all gonna change when we see her though! Watch out grandma you will be in every photo I take, if I can help it!


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