Book Binding

Hello friends, I know it’s been a while. Let’s just say this past week has been…CRAZY. My cat likes to bring should I put this..presents, so to speak. Well, when he decided to bring a little chipmunk to the door, which wasn’t dead, and was suffering from a broken leg, I tried to rescue him.  Long story short, the little guy bit me, in my attempt to save his life. So of corse I screamed, dropped him, and the cat raced to snatch him up. 😦 So because of this failed attempt to be a hero, I had to go to the ER and get a series of 7 shots. EEK!! Oh and I had to go back today to get another shot, and I have to go again on sunday and then 6 days after that. Now I understand why they call it a rabies vaccine series. Not fun, needless to say I will not be trying to be a “hero” anymore. Poor little guy, I think I just care too much about animals, especially the helpless kind. As a result of these shots, I came down with a fever and flu like symptoms, which was to be expected. So I have been a little under the weather, which concludes why I have not been blogging and such for the past week.

Moving on, I am back up to par, for now, in which I have made the attempt and bound my first book!! It came out beautifully! 🙂 There are a few imperfections, but of corse, I will fix them the next time I bind a book. I think they will become fun gifts, who doesn’t like to have a pretty sketch book or journal? I know I LOVE them, I’m always writing things down or drawing. Great way to blow off steam, and if your a parent, you will understand what I mean lol.

Anyway, here are a few photos of my master piece, hope you like it.



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