Oriental Bag

Good afternoon my lovelies…lol. Sorry I’m in a giddy mood, my hubby is home early from work, which doesn’t happen to often, so I’m super excited! Aside from that, I made a cute little hip-bag while my little one was napping. It turned out pretty good, but as you probably guessed, there are a few imperfections on it that need tweaking. So of corse I will be making another one!!

I used this really pretty oriental fabric my grandma gave me while  visiting in Michigan. Oh it is sooo beautiful, thankfully she gave me enough of it so I can make another one of these bags. Hmmm…probably should have used some scrap fabric to make a practice bag first. But no matter, I will just have to keep this one for myself…oh what a dread. 😉 lol Just kidding!

So what do you think…I was trying to make a different kind of future COC bag, to put up in my shop, and this is what I came up with. Hope you like it, keep a look out for the next bag I make, because it will most likely be up in my shop!


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