A New Layette For Bella!!

Hello, hope your tuesday is going well…yesterday I had quite a busy day. Grocery shopping and the fabric store!! 🙂 My Mother-in-Law tagged along with Bella and me, and we got to talking about decorating Bella’s new room. FYI after almost 2 years she is finally going to have her own room. Anyway, Bella is in desperate need for a new layette. Unfortunately, the one I purchased before she was born…well, lets just say I got what I paid for. To the point, I have decided to make her a new layette. Best part about all this, is that the fabric we purchased is being discontinued, therefore, we got a HUGE discount on top quality fabric. And oh is the print just beautiful…different, unique, but still adorable. Did I mention the pattern was on sale too!! Well, to get technical, I’m going to use the pattern for the dust ruffle and the comforter. Now the pattern for the bumper, hmmm, that was like making a mountain out of a mole hill. So we improvised and so far it’s turning out GREAT! So enough of my rambling, here is a preview of the fabric  I’m using. Hope you like it, and I will keep you updated as I make each piece of the layette.




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