Finished bumper….

Hello, how is your day going? Mine…so far so good, got Bella’s bumper finished last night. WOOHOO, it turned out great. You know, I’m thinking about making a boys themed layette and uploading it to my shop. I figured, if it doesn’t sell, I could use it for a baby boy for myself. That is, if we get lucky enough with a boy someday, hee hee. Anyway, back to business, I have a picture for you of the finished bumper. The picture, however, isn’t the best quality. Usually, I go outside to take my pictures for better lighting. Unfortunately, it’s rainy and yucky out today, so I had to resort to staying inside.

Now on to making her quilt..eek I am soo anxious about this. I have never made a quilt before, so I’m just praying it turns out perfect. Thankfully, I have a pattern to go by, but still, that doesn’t make my nerves go down any less. Crossing my fingers, wish me luck.

So I won’t leave you all in suspense any longer, here is the view of the bumper. Hope you like it!!

Have an awesome day guys!!!




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