A Busy Day and More Presents!!!

So today was a pretty busy day. This morning was mom’s group, then we, Bella and I, came home for a quick movie and me finishing up another gift. Then we got lucky with my hubby/daddy coming home early, so he took us for a late lunch!!! Chinese buffets never seem to get old, lol. After that, we ran what felt like a million and one errands. Then finally coming home late and settling in for bed. Talk about a tiring day..whew.

Anyway, I’m sure your reading this saying “blah blah blah” lol, sorry to bore you, here’s the good part. I made my first hand-quilted hand bag. Oh…I’m ridiculously proud of it too. Keep in mind, I will deff not be quilting a blanket any time soon. But smaller things like a hand bag…FUN!! FYI I usually just purchase double sided, already, quilted fabric, but this time, I really wanted to make it more, from the heart. I’m thinking after Christmas, or maybe before, adding a few of these types of bags to my shop, I dunno, what do you think?




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