New Curtains!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope your day is full of fun, laughter, and great memories, I know my day will be. So I am in the middle of another “gift”, so to speak, but putting that aside. I purchased new curtains for our front doors, which are french doors. If you live up north, like I do, you’ll understand me when I say, when the weather gets colder, it comes right in through all those windows…brrrrrrr. Needless to say, I did not want to go another winter with a draft running through my house. Anyway, I got these beautiful, thick, and lined curtains on sale, and they match just perfectly! However they were too long, so I hemmed the bottoms and narrowed the rod pocket, which added a cute ruffle to the top. I hope I am making sense, I’m a bit tired and stressed. There is still sooo much to do and the day is well over, or just beginning, it’s 12:15 am. So yeah, here’s a picture of them, hope you like them. ūüôā

Have a good night/day


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