My FIRST Changing Pad

HAPPY MONDAY!!!! Today I got up and forced myself to get dressed and go run a few errands, that seemed to help me  get motivated a bit. So yea, JOANN FABRICS was having an insane three day thanksgiving sale. So of corse ,I went, especially since they sent me like…a million 50%, 40%, and 25% off coupons in the mail. I can’t believe how much money I saved!!!

Yea, you know that  bag I made in my previous blog? Well, It’s for a friend/relative who has a baby. However, I wanted to make it so it looked more like a purse, so she could use it for other things too. Anyway, I made a changing pad to match it! I had to piece a few scrap fabrics together so I’d have enough for the binding. But it worked out great Lol. When I was purchasing the terry cloth fabric for it, I kept thinking how cheap it seemed to use towel material for the pad, but then, I came home and looked at my changing pad, which is Vera Bradley, and she makes them the same way. Wow! Now I know how WAY overpriced her changing pads are hee hee. Enough of my rambling here’s the finished product, the hardest part of this was was quilting the terry cloth, more like tome consuming! Hope you like it!




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