Adding a Double Pocket!

Good Morning my lovelies, lol sorry I’m a bit giddy this morning. My parents and brother’s and sisters are coming to visit me on monday, so I’m just riveting with excitement! Of corse I have a lot of cleaning to day, and reorganization of my furniture. 🙂 So they have room in our apartment!

So I added a double pocket, with a zipper, to the from of the big purple bag I made. I figured, the most needed part of a bag is all the different compartments and storage. The pocket was a task to sew onto the bag, since the bag was technically already finished. Sheesh, I think I had a cramp in both my arms from just trying to hold the fabric down to sew. Lol, oh and I used fusible fleece to quilt the fabric with. SOOOOOOO much more sturdy they batting. I think I’m going to start using that with my bags instead of batting. Well, depending on the bag anyway.

Enough of me boring you heres the pic, hope you like it




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