Hi again, so I was hoping I was going to be able to post up a finished picture of my newest creation. But, my iron decided to break right before the last section needed to be ironed. Ugh, talk about a stressful week! First my washing machine broke and it took the service guy 6 days to get out here to look at it. In which I found out that it’s going to be another 3-10 days before the parts come in. EEK, thankfully my MIL is being a sweet heart and letting me do some laundry in her washer for now. Anyway, now my iron breaks too! Thankfully I can just go to the store and buy one, however, I have no Idea what brand is good or bad. Got any suggestions? I could really do with some good advice right now, I need an iron that’s not too expensive but will have a good steam effect on it too!

So yeah, here is my almost finished product, hope you like is so far.



2 thoughts on “Broken

  1. I’ve been pretty happy with my Rowenta Professional. Simple to use, pretty fast to heat, good steam and spray, has a nice weight, and feels comfy in my hand. It was more than I usually spend, but I’m pretty cheap, so it might fit what you mean by “not too expensive.” My mom has an old Black and Decker that’s lasted well through many years, although the shape of the handle hurts when I’m doing a lot of ironing, it heats slower, and it’s not as easy to handle. It was an awful lot less expensive than my Rowenta.

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