New Iron…sorta?!

Ok so I’m super excite, my MIL gave an iron she had sitting dormant! And it’s in awesome condition, so now I can finally finish making my tote bag. It’s so cool it has an awesome steam effect, and it has a retractable cord! How cool is that!!!!! 🙂 The best part about it, I didn’t have to spend a penny! Anyway, so this is gonna be a quick blog post, just wanted ot give you all an update. Now I’m gonna go watch the movie “Real Steal” with my hubby. Oh, did I tell you my uncle is an extra in it? Lol I’m soooo stoked about it! He’s in the “zoo” scene, as they are walking in, you can spot him out of the crowd, cheering and splashing his drink, for like a second. He’s in a black cowboy hat and black vest. If you see the movie, let me know if you spot him, i’d sure like to hear about it!

Well good night all and happy dreams




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