A braid and a big mess

Hi everyone, so today I woke up to my house a mess. A bundle of laundry to fold, plus dishes in the sink. In which I swore I did them before I went to bed…I think my hubby had a mid-night snack, lol. Oh and toys all over the place, oh well, I guess that’s what I get for leaving Bella with daddy for a couple hours last night. But hey, mama needs a break sometimes too!!! Anyway, so aside from cleaning my house today, I have finally been able to sit and sew and put a dent in a few projects I had. I still have some more alterations to do, and a few more bags to sew up.  Plus, my mom is wanting me to make her some crayon rolls, so I’ve been researching like crazy different kinds there are. This way I can get and idea and come up with my own design. Sheeesh, that’s a lot…oh and one more thing. My little one’s hair is finally long enough for me to put it in french braided piggy tails!!

Isn’t she just adorable!! Anyway, just giving you all a quick update. thanks for reading



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