Epic Fail…

Ok so unfortunately adding the vinyl to the fabric for Bella’s backpack resulted in an epic fail. It made the fabric pretty much unmanageable, talk about a complete disappointment. šŸ˜¦ Sadly this is all I was able to salvage from the monstrosity…

Anyways, since I am out of a black zipper and red piping, I now have to wait until I make my next trip to the fabric store until I can continue to work on her bag.

In the mean time, I finished yet another clutch. I was so upset at my failed attempt, that I could not sleep at all. So I figured since I couldn’t sleep, I’dĀ make another clutch purse, at least this way I could go to sleep feeling as though I had accomplished something, even if I had stayed up until 3am doing so. And it came out just perfect!!

Sorry to end so abrupt like this, but my little birthday girl is waking up from her nap now. Talk to you all again soon.




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