Tie Dye Lazy Bag

Ok so I’m not sure if I told you this but, I have a serious obsession with tie dye. It doesn’t matter what kind it is, or what it’s on, I just love it. I remember being in high school year book class, and trying to convince the entire class to go with a tie dye cover for the year book. Lol, yeah, that didn’t go so well. They kept saying I was stuck in the 70’s, even though I wasn’t even born in the 70’s. 🙂

Anyway, a really good friend on mine, that I’ve know since age 5, also shares this obsession. So, as an I’m missing you/thinking of you gift, I made her a bag out of this awesome tie dye fabric I’ve been saving.

Aren’t the colors so beautiful and vibrant!!! Thankfully I have almost two more yards of this fabric left, so I will probably be making myself one also. Oh, and sorry  the interior  photo didn’t turn out better, the wind is blowing like something fierce today.

Hope your having an awesome thursday, TTFN



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