Craziness and a BAG

Hi all, so this weekend has proved itself officially insane! For starters, my daughter has come down with the flu, so that’s a menace in itself. Then having to perform a full grocery shop in less then an hour, and on a sunday for that matter. Oh, I forgot to mention running down a hill to my front door, while the wind and pouring rain are doing everything they can to make me slip and fall on my rump, with a dozen grocery bags in my hands. Whew, thankfully all that craziness is over and I was able to sit and relax a little bit.

Enough of my drama filled weekend…I finished the other Annabelle Bag I was telling you about. It’s identical to the first one, except that I added a little bit of a longer strap, this way, it can me used as a small messenger bag, and I added a flower corsage to the front of it. Hope you like it.

Talk to you all again soon.

XO Christina

P.S. My apologies for the poorness in photo quality, I was forced to stay indoors due to the rainy, gloomy day. 😦


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