My First Zippered Purse!!

Hello, I’m proud to report that I have finally made my first zippered purse. Honestly, I thought it was going to be very difficult, but it turned out to be pretty simple. If you notice, the pocket on the front right can be used as a cell phone pocket. It has a small piece of elastic in it to help hold the phone in better. 🙂 The pocket on the left is large enough to fit an ipod touch or whatever else you’d like. I used left over Amy butler fabric I had, I love amy butler, her fabrics are always so beautiful. So yeah, there she is, I think I’ll call her Samantha…what do you think?



One thought on “My First Zippered Purse!!

  1. Ummm I love this pattern, especially the polka dots 🙂 u know what would look really cute too the same thing but with one horizontal pocket with button for phone storage. That would be perfect!!! Great hob Chrissy u are really progressing in your skills.

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