Spoiled for Mother’s day!!!

Hello again, I hope all you mom’s out there had just a wonderful mother’s day! I am in awwe of the gifts I was showered with. My husband was so sweet and bought me a new Vera Bradley diaper bag!!! I’m in LOVE with anything Vera….lol. Not to mention, my old vera diaper bag, well, let’s just say she’s seen better days. So I was absolutely thrilled when my hubby took me to the Vera Bradley store to pick it out!! Gosh I just love him, he never fails to show his love for me.

Second, I got a RED kitchen aid mixer from my MIL. Talk about awesome, I only had it for two hours before I made my first batch of cookies from scratch. In which I got the recipe from the cute little mini cook book that came with my mixer….YUMMMM! Oh and just an FYI I have named her Ruby…hee hee I know I’m a bit obsessed with it.

Anyway, I promise my next blog will have a more “sewing like” topic. Until next time, thanks for reading.



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