Craft show Success

Hello all my friends, YES my craft show was a success. It was a pretty small show at a fire house, I mean we literally just had the table we sat at as our section. And there wasn’t nearly half as much traffic as I wish there was, but what can you do it was my first one. I mainly went for the experience and as a bonus, I met some of the neatest people there, and got lots of pointers and advice. It was definitely an experience, I would not have wanted to miss. 🙂

Anyway, of all the things I forgot, it was my camera. Thankfully my sister-in-law took a picture with my phone camera, when we were done setting up. Sorry for the extremely poor quality of photo. Next craft show, I will definitely have lots more and better photos.

Thanks for reading and I hope your monday is going good!

XO Christina


2 thoughts on “Craft show Success

  1. congratulations! i really like the stand you are using to display your bags – what a great and simple way to hang a bunch of items without taking up much space 🙂

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