Just a little update….

Hi there, hope your having a wonderful saturday! So I never told you this, but the week I was sewing constantly for my craft show. My sewing machine, that was just a year old, decided to just stop sewing on me. Talk about a nightmare, and since I had no time to get it fixed, and the full warranty was no longer in affect,  I had to resort to buying a new one. Thankfully, it had a 30 day return policy, because I kid you not, it sewed extremely slow. Crazy thing is, this new one was the same as the other one, just the upgraded version. Anyway, I ordered one of amazon’s top 10 at home sewing machines. Granted, I had to keep in mind the price, but I’m hoping this one will last me longer than the previous one. Especially since I purchased the extended warranty. It’s a Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine. Yes I did order a Brother again, I don’t know, I really like that brand. It’s at the same level as a singer, and the price is a bit cheaper. Oh well, if this one fails on me I will deff NOT be buying a Brother sewing machine ever again. So keep your fingers crossed for me!! lol

Thanks for reading, sorry there are no pictures today



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