Stop Bullying….

Hello friends, I know this topic is completely off what I normally share with you all, but I feel this subject needs to be addressed.

Just recently, in a school a few counties over from me, a friend of mine’s niece was severely beat up by a foot ball player for being gay. She suffered from multiple concussions, a fractured jaw, sever bruising, etc. Long story short, the football player only got a 5 day suspension, and it seems as if the school and authorities are not encouraging her to press charges. An officer who was dealing with the situation even told her that he was going to be taking the football players side. All because she “pushed him back” and it would ruin his chances at making pro possibly. When I heard this, it disgusted me!!

Many people don’t know this, but all through out my elementary,  middle school, and high school years, I was bullied. In fact, I used to come home from school crying begging my mom to home school me because of this. Finally, when I was in 7th grade my mom decided to home school me. Due to certain circumstances, I went back to school for 10th and 11th grade and then I was home schooled again my senior year because at the time, the school I attended did not participate in day time, dual enrollment. Anyway, through out the time I went to a school, I dunno, maybe I just didn’t know how to deal with things I went through in life. I was a very insecure and obnoxious, wanting to be accepted by…everyone, seeking attention in all the wrong areas. Because of this, I always was made fun of, and the RUMORS, don’t forget about those. Horrible things people say, that aren’t true and for what reason? Because that person is different? No one seems to stop and think about what that individual is going through, or what they have gone through? Or think, why are they acting the way they do? This is something I will never understand, and why people can be dumb enough to believe these rumors, and then add to them and spread them even more? I haven’t a clue! Aside from those, being bullied can change you, I know that as a result of being bullied, I became very insecure about myself in which caused me to act out in ways I never intended to. And yes there were days I would still go home and cry after high school even, all because of things people would make fun of me about. But no matter what a person looks like, acts like, dresses, if they are gay, or straight, what ever the case may be. There is absolutely no excuse for bullying!!!

I say all this to please help stop the bullying, if you or you know someone who is being bullied. Please, please, PLEASE, don’t ignore it . There are so many different things you can do to help prevent it!

Anyway, I’ve said what I wanted to say on this, and I really hope you’ll also help to raise awareness of this.



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