Diaper bag FINALLY finished!!

I’ve finally finished it! The diaper bag will be shipped and on it’s way to my best friend tomorrow! I’m so happy at how it turned out, not to mention I had a blast making it. Along with the diaper bag, I also made a few matching items for it, I even embarked on an entirely new category, EMBROIDERY!! Yes, I said it, I embroidered a cute fluffy baby blanket I also made. (See photo below)

After finished the entire project, I gotta say, I think my favorite part about it is the mommy pocket, that’s the zippered pocket on the flap. If you saw one of my previous blogs titled “My first vinyl women’s wallet”, I mentioned that it was the first time I incorporated a zippered pocket in something. In which I used that same technique for the mommy pocket.

Anyway, I know my pictures don’t always do much justice, but I tried to take a few good pics that would compliment the bag. I hope you enjoy the photos/ captions. And as always, thanks so much for reading.

Christina 😉

Front view, obviously, the bag in this photo was empty so the sides bowed out a little. When it’s full, it has more of a boxed effect, if that make any sense lol 🙂

Mommy Pocket

I added a “hidden” pocket on the bottom of lining. This is for the insert, a piece of plastic needlepoint canvas, this helps give the bottom more support. Plus, it’s removable for washing!

Not sure if you can tell, but I lines the small box cosmetic bag, also seen in my blog post “Lots of work to be done”, with clear plastic vinyl. Make it’s more spill proof.

Bot sides of the bag have the bottle/water bottle pockets.

Like you saw in my last post, this is the back pocket for the changing pad.

I added a little piece of ribbon on one of the sides of the strap, perfect for the little smelly bag clips.

This little fun bag is for the pacifiers! Equipped with the velcro strap which make it removable and for easy access.

Yes this is the changing pad, view #1, and it is in fact a perfect rectangle. Again, not a photographer, sorry for the poor quality of the photos.

Changing pad view #2, back

This is the front, view #1, of the burp cloth

Burp cloth, view #2, back

And last but not least, the fluffy baby blanket I embroidered. I know it’s not the best embroidery out there, but it is sort of a first time for me?!


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