Three Super Hero Capes

Hello, hope your doing well today. So a friend of mine asked me to make her three capes for her “generic super hero” theme for halloween. 😉 This was also another fun and simple project. All I did was get 2 yards of fabric and hem the top and bottom it. I didn’t need to hem the sides, of the fabric, because the edges were already finished. On the top of the cape, I made a 1″ wide drawstring hem were I inserted a ribbon for the tie. And on the bottom I made a thick banded double fold hem, keep in mind size of the bottom hem may very to due your particular style.

I did make three capes, a silver (seen in photo), a lime green, and black one, but, silly me totally forgot to take a picture of the other two. 😦 Oh well, at least you know what one of the capes looked like. Oh, and that is my 6’2″ husband in the photo, so on a normal sized individual, the cape would go a little lower than mid calf. And I had him put his hands up so that you could see the full span of the cape. It actually, the cape is wide enough to completely encircle him.

So yea, hope you enjoyed this little post and as always, thanks so much for reading!


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