Stormed with Devastation

Hi guys, sorry it, yet again, has been a while since my last blog post. I have been extremely busy…you see, I’m getting ready to go to florida to visit my family for the month of december…WOHOO!! I’m super excited, and am busy preparing for the trip. Oh and the fact that Hurricane Sandy has left us without power for a week….Yeah! We finally got our power back on yesterday. I don’t think I have ever been so exhausted in my life!

We pretty much stayed out all hours of the day, except for nap and bed times, because it was freezing and pitch black in our house. And for the last three days of no power we stayed at my husbands Uncle’s house, who has a 3 year old son and 5 year old daughter. So you see what I mean when I say I’m exhausted. I think the last time I was this sleep depraved was when my Bella was a newborn…Sheesh!

Well sorry this blog post was a bit on the boring side. I’m just thanking God we are safe and finally have power back on! Who knew taking a nice HOT shower in my own shower was such a luxury lol. Sometimes we just seem to take too much for granted. 😉 OH, I forgot to mention that we have a rain/wind/snowstorm headed our way now!! Just can’t catch a break, hopefully we’ll get lucky and our power wont go out!

Well thanks for reading, sorry no pics this time!



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