Matchbox Car Travel Holder

Good Morning, look what we woke up to today…SNOW!!!! YAY the first snow of the year, I know I’m weird, but the snow is so beautiful.

Anyway, last night I finished up sewing three “Matchbox Car Travel Holders”. They are quite unique, a friend of mine saw one and asked me if I could try and make something like it. I didn’t realize it, but they are pretty popular on ETSY, there are lots of  people selling all different kinds of them. However, she wanted me to make her some, so I did. The one’s I made are very simple, no special gadgets or anything. And she requested I make them with neutral boy colors, not car printed fabric or anything similar to that. This actually made it very easy to find fabric, amazingly enough, finding small car printed fabric was actually kind of hard to find at local stores.

Of corse my photography is horrible, the holder folds like a large wallet, so when I was taking photos, it didn’t want to stay flat for me. Not to mention, I usually take my photos outside for natural and better lighting, but as you can see, the weather isn’t permitting that today.

So yeah that about sums it up for today, thanks for reading, and if your in a cold state…stay WARM. 😉



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