Notions Traveling Case!

So I’m super excited about this post!! In exactly four days I will be traveling to Florida to visit my family for a whole MONTH, WooHoo!! Anyway, I’m going to be bringing my sewing machine, along with a bunch of other fun stuff to work on and with my mom and sister, as well as give a few lessons. However, in the shuffle of gathering together things to pack, I realized, I don’t really have a case for my sewing notions. 😦

In my search to try and fix this dilemma, I remembered the blog Olivia Jane Handcrafted that I follow. In a one of her posts, she shared a “Good Folks Notions Notebook”. This was an absolutely BRILLIANT idea, it’s so perfect for traveling and/or just to have to keep your sewing notions organized. So graciously, she let me use her idea, and make one for myself. It turned out  so awesome, perfect, and it’s just what I needed! Be sure to check out her blog, and on it, there’s a link to her ETSY shop, where she has some pretty amazing stuff  there too.

SOOO yeah, that’s it for today, I have lots of cleaning and packing to do for my trip. Oh… I promise I will still blog while I’m in Florida!

Thanks to reading

XO Christina

P.S. Again my photography is horrific, the book is actually a straight rectangle shape, perhaps I should have take the stuff out before I photographed the exterior lol…oops 😦

I machine embroidered some of the flowers….that was really fun!

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