School Bag Project with my Sister

Greetings from Florida!!! So, as promised, I’m still sewing and updating you on my projects, while here in sunny Florida.

Well, the plane ride was great – amazingly enough, my two year old slept the whole trip! It took lots of the stress off me, even though I packed a caboodle of things to entertain her. 😉 Plus, I think she caught a stomach bug on the plane. Poor baby was up vomiting the second night we were here, and now has the runs…ICK! Oh well, what can you do – you could never tell she wasn’t feeling well though. She’s eating, singing, playing, and running around all over the place lol. And YES we are having the time of our lives with my family. We’re staying home a lot, but Bella is finally warming up to my parents. She’s so cute running around asking “NUNA”, aka my mom, for treats and to play.

Anyhoo, now to the main topic of this post. I’ve been giving my little sister Jasmin sewing lessons, and I know usually you start off with simpler things, but we didn’t. We made a Messenger style school bag together. Well, to be technical, she did most of the work. The only thing I did was assemble the lining and the exterior together. Oh, and attach the flap…that’s it! I was completely amazed at how thorough her work was. Honestly, when I was teaching her how to sew the darts on the corners, she did them PERFECT! It took me at least 3 times to sew a straight line and line up the fabric right. I can’t believe she is such a fast learner, and after the first few stiches she turned up the speed on the foot to sew faster! Ha ha WOW!!!

So, yeah, that has been my adventure so far – hope you enjoyed and, as always, thanks for reading.

XOXO Chrissy

This is my sister Jasmin modeling her new bag!

This is my sister Jasmin modeling her new bag!





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