Happy Easter!!!

Hi everyone, so yes I know it has yet again been a very long time since I last gave you an update. My excuse? Sickness overwhelmed my house for about a month, then potty training, and then…sadly my laziness. 😦 Good news though I am starting to get back on track!!

Ok so on another note, it’s EASTER!!! And as a fun project I made my little one an egg shaped easter basket! It was a messy and fun process, I used the tutorial by HMH Designs. AWESOME TUTORIAL, I’m soooo happy I found it. I didn’t have fabric stiffener though, so I just used tacky glue and mixed an even ratio of water with it. lol it’s also a cheaper way to make fabric stiffener, just a little tip/fyi. Anyways check it out, it’s a great project to do.

Now the egg I made is a little more narrow, I didn’t have a balloon as big at the one she had, wish I did, but it still came out great! It is actually very round, but in the photos it looks a bit bumpy. The basket tends to be very flexible!. Here are some picks of the egg and stuff. Hope you enjoy, and have a very HAPPY EASTER!


ZDSCN2970 DSCN2972 DSCN2968IMG_0577


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